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minimalise asked your blog is beautiful! xxxx

Thank you!!

wondersify asked your blog will always be one of favorites!! (:

Oh so kind, thank you!

tulily asked wheree is your background from??

It’s an image by one of my favourite illustrators Eirian Chapman which I have photoshopped to make a repeat pattern 😊

Anonymous asked What are you doing this weekend?

im working tonight, then picking my dad up from somewhere??, work on some uni stuff tomorrow morning, netball, then i’m baby sitting my cousins, sunday morning im working and then i will probably do some more uni work WHAT A BLAST

froghaiku asked okay potentially dumb question time: how do you get your mac icons to look like that?

i have the beta version of yosemite (new operating system) so yours will look like that pretty soon if you update :)

look how cute my desktops looking today

planning on going to the library tomorrow and I’d love some recommendations, I’ve got so many on hold at the moment but I’m still on the waiting list. Help a gal out!?

protas asked omg, theyre actually really good. and i really like the 'style' or idk what to call it

thanks pal! it’s definitely an unintentional style, it kinda just happened hah

it’d be über cool if you checked out my illustration blog zoeillustrates where i aim to do drawing everyday when i have the time. i’m always trying to think of new things to draw so any suggestions would be hugely appreciated - i’ll even credit you in the post! i’m on instagram too!


Eye Dish // $19


I wish people didn’t think silence was awkward, just enjoy it. Not every space has to be filled with words.



daily illustration:
18/09/14 - bike



Dejan Dukic/ So in love I can’t even.