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Anonymous asked Any good places online for laptop cases?

I bought mine from crumpler and it’s really good


Candy Floss weaving by Rachel Gottesman

缓和 // following all similar back 
Anonymous asked Hey zoe, are you majoring in communication design? What are your thoughts on fine art? I'm struggling on what i want to major in because there are so many factors involved and it's making my head explode. Did you struggle with going with your passion & thinking realistically about what job you can have after graduating? I'm sure about going with art, I just don't know which major specifically.. thanks in advance x

hey i new from the get go that communication design is what i wanted to do, no second guessing at all. i have a huge work ethic, always have and always will so i don’t see the point in worrying about the future because i’m not afraid to work my arse of to get to where i want to be. personally i could never do fine art, i can appreciate it but i need the sense of structure, formality and commercialism that communication design has - it’s one of the main reasons i love it so much. art is such a broad word and communication design is almost polar opposite to fine art, sure they have some similarities but they are very different and you’ll fine that some creatives are heavily suited to one or the other. i guess you’ve just got to work out what’s best for you because i can’t be the one to tell you that x

cas-ca said: this is so nice zoe!!! did you do this?

yeah i did, thank you :)

Anonymous asked What is that website? The task journal thing? X

just a part of one of my uni assignments :)

this website is slowly killing me please send help

Quirky and cute

Using tracer dye to track water flow patterns
V gia Coppola