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Hey palz, does anyone want to purchase a beanie off me that’s been knitted by Rachel Rutt?

sphinxed asked do you spy kip and co on offspring hahaha

hahaha yes meg was like ‘i like that bed’ and I was like yeah obvs it’s kip and co bedding


SYDNEY 2014.
Anonymous asked Are you gonna watch the new show that Asher Keddie is in?

i’ve only seen the one promo and i cant take it seriously because it feels like one of ninas day dreams


Kasia Struss
Anonymous asked Hat maths subjects did you choose in high school & how did you find them?

i did methods in yr 11 (so 1/2 in yr 10, 3/4 in yr 11 and skipped yr 10 maths). it was aright, definitely not what you’d call fun and in hindsight i wouldve got a better score if i was to do it in yr 12 but then again im glad i didnt do it in year 12 because it gave me so much more time to work on my folio subjects. 

it’s actually impossible for me not to judge a book by its cover

Love flowers

i think i just ate a kilo of pumpkin