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I think I’ve been sick for nine days and I feel worse than I did yesterday, splendid.


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literally the look

Anonymous asked what motivates you and inspires your uni work?

Weirdly enough what motivates me is myself, I’ve always had the drive to work as hard as possible and I will never hand in anything that I’m not proud of, nor will I ‘forget’ to do things, I’m extremely diligent when it comes to my work. Always have been and always will be it’s just part of my character. As for inspiration I find designers and illustrators and obsess over them like normal people would obsess over celebrities. Seeing other people’s achievements is probably what inspires me the most. Put simply I’m a bit of a nerd but I’m more than okay with that.

Anonymous asked what are some good clubs in melbourne? I'm here for a holiday this Friday and me and my friends wanna go clubbing or at least to a cool pub, any suggestions?? or does anyone have any suggestions?

I’m literally the worst person you could ask I hate clubbing haha but if you’re in melbourne you should check out naked for satan on brunswick st suuuper cool rooftop bar with incredible city views and THE BEST watermelon infused vodka

Anonymous asked Do you know of any good/cheap liquid foundations for very pale skin? :) xx

No I don’t sorry I don’t wear foundation often and when I do I want to get it off my face as soon as possible. When looking for one you should probably consider your skin type too as that makes a huge difference.

Anonymous asked what's the coolest thing you've done at uni this year? like coolest assessment? haha this is a weird question

umm the one im most proud of is probably my ‘elsewhere’ poster - a promotional item advertising a hypothetical series of unconventional events or my gender styling packaging - which i designed bottles of a potion that turns you into a kid for a day


friendship goals
Anonymous asked did you do a lot of non-stop study during the september break last year? ive been studying every day, but feel as though i havnt actually achieved that much :(

errrm I honestly can’t remember all that clearly year 12 seems like a lifetime ago. we had mock exams on the third week of our september holidays and i remember doing pretty well on them so must’ve done a fair bit of preparation for them but i definitely wasn’t studying all day everyday