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so basically my only life goal is to have a house that’s grand designs worthy


Embroidered Mt. Rushmore

best pic on this web wow

Random Frame: Clothing Donations in NYC
Taken with 800asa film in some disposable camera.

by Imi Knoebel
Anonymous asked: Why do you think blog rates are pretentious?

Because it gives the impression that your blog is all high and mighty and all others are superior to it. Bloggin ain’t about that!

Can someone please explain to me how everyday when I have to wake up before 7 it’s a major struggle but the one day I can sleep in for as long as I want I’m up before the crack of dawn

Anonymous asked: Blog rate ?

No I’m sorry I don’t buy into that pretentious shit

Anonymous asked: how do you deal with stress?

well i dont really get stressed all that much so i haven’t really had to deal with it on a big scale. i mainly just feel a bit uncomfortable or not at ease if there’s something i need to do and i haven’t done it so basically i just do it and then i feel better :)


Ana Mendieta, documentation of an untitled performance with flowers, ca. 1973 (Intermedia Studio, University of Iowa; detail). 35 mm black-and-white photo negative.
Anonymous asked: Last thing you bought online?

this this this & this 

getting a debit card was the worst decision of my life DONT DO IT